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Leatherneck Tanto 12″ Overall 7″ Blade D2 Steel with Black Powder Coating Knife

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cold steel tanto leatherneck


Midsouth now carries the Leatherneck Tanto 12″ Overall 7″ Blade D2 Steel with Black Powder Coating Knife from Coldsteel. Cold Steel has been making push knives for over a quarter century. Over the years they have continually refined their designs, discarding some features and enhancing others.


Constantly striving to produce the best push knife in the world. The cold steel tanto leatherneck Series is comprised of two distinct and iconic blade styles, both of which have proven to be exceptionally popular with our brothers and sisters in the armed forces:


The Leatherneck-SF (for Semper-Fi) has a beautiful hand honed saber ground clip point blade, and the Leatherneck Tanto features the signature Cold Steel “American Tanto” blade with a stout reinforced tip for extra strength. Both are made from tough D2 Tool Steel with a non-reflective black powder coat finish.


To keep the user’s fingers from sliding forward onto their keen edge, the Leathernecks come with a solid steel double quillon guard. The handles are made of deeply checkered Kray-Ex that totally encompasses the Leathernecks extra wide, full tang.


The Leatherneck’s handle is capped with a thick, machined steel butt cap (not cheap casting or plastic like some others on the market) so they can even double as a hammer in an emergency! To carry the Leatherneck knives safely and conveniently, each blade comes complete with a sturdy and versatile military style Secure-Ex sheath with fully detachable and ambidextrous belt loop.


Specifications and Features:

  • Weight: 12.2oz
  • Blade Thickness: 5mm
  • Blade Length: 7″
  • Blade Steel: German D2 Steel w/ Black Powdercoat
  • Handle Length/Material: 5″ Griv-Ex
  • Overall Length: 12″
  • Additional Features: Secure-Ex Sheath

cold steel tanto leatherneck


Cold Steel


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