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1911-380 Pistol Magazine


Caliber/Gauge: .380 ACP
Firearm Model: Browning 1911-380
Color: Black
Material: Steel
Size: 8 Rounds
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browning 380 pistol 1911 magazine

The browning 380 pistol 1911 magazine holds 8 rounds of .380 ACP ammunition. Semi-auto pistols are only as good as their magazines, and shooters should not settle for anything less than the best. Constructed of heat-treated steel and a premium steel spring, the 1911-380 magazine is made for maximum reliability. Having extra loaded magazines on hand is indispensible for self defense, and can enhance shooting enjoyment at the range. Shooters can rely on the Browning 1911-380 Pistol Magazine when fast reloads are pertinent to one’s well being.
Manufacturer model #: 112055192.

  • Holds 8 rounds of extra ammo
  • Heat-treated steel body
  • Premium steel spring

browning 380 pistol 1911 magazine


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