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Benchmade 15085-221 Gold Class Mini Crooked River #122 Still Sealed





benchmade mini crooked river Gold Class (15085-221)-3.40″ Chad Nichols “Lizard” Damascus, Mexican Blanket G-Carta Handle-Limited to 200, 

benchmade mini crooked river fans and collectors, rejoice! This one will make a crater when it finally drops. The 15085-221 Gold Class Mini Crooked River has a color palette that pops.

Inspired by the landscape of the American Southwest, these brilliant colors include a singular ochre from oxidized rock, copper from the earth, and umber-tinted sand and dirt that blows with
the wind—all accentuated by turquoise, blue, and a red that can only come from the sun.

Limited to 200 pieces, the 15085-221 is an EDC knife unlike anything ever made in Benchmade USA factory. This Gold Class Mini Crooked River redux will turn heads with materials like Chad Nichols Damascus steel and G-carta®. Feel good with this knife in your pocket; it
truly is one of a kind.




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