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Indoor Range Training IRT Lead-Free Ammo – .40 S&W


Cartridge or Gauge: .40 S&W
Grain: 120 Grain
Quantity: 50 Rounds
SKU: 3231722 Category: Tag: Product ID: 20785


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american eagle federal

Do your part to eliminate lead from the firing line with American Eagle® Indoor Range Training IRT Lead-Free Ammo. A long-time clean-ammo choice for shooters, American Eagle IRT now comes loaded with a Federal® Catalyst™ lead-free primer for even cleaner performance at an affordable price. The exclusive non-hygroscopic Catalyst formulation offers the same reliability, shelf life, and ballistics of conventional lead styphnate primers. DDNP-based lead-free primers can’t match it. Lead-free bullets produce similar splash-back as conventional jacketed lead on reactive targets for unprecedented safety and training realism.

  • Federal Catalyst lead-free primer
  • Similar reliability, shelf life, and ballistics to lead primers
  • Lead-free bullets
  • Unprecedented safety and training realism

american eagle federal


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