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Hodgdon H4350 Smokeless Powder 8 Lbs


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hodgdon h4350 Smokeless Powder 


Midsouth is proud to offer the hodgdon h4350 Smokeless Powder 8 Lbs.  hodgdon h4350 Smokeless Powder is an extruded stick-type powder that works exceptionally well in any environment, hot or cold. Hodgdon has done extensive testing to ensure that the hodgdon h4350 8 Lbs has as little deviation as possible.


The hodgdon h4350 Reloading Powder is quickly ignited and is a very fast-burning, clean powder. hodgdon h4350 Smokeless Powder ensures better accuracy on the range and a good clean kill in the field. hodgdon h4350 8 Lbs is the best choice for many WSM calibers, especially .270, 7mm, 30, 325, and standard power cartridges such as .243, 6mm Rem, 270 Win, 338 Win Magnum, and others. The 8lbs size makes using H4350 Reloading Powder not only the most accurate choice but also economical.



hodgdon h4350 Smokeless Powder is an excellent choice for long-range shooting and hunting. The hodgdon h4350 Reloading Powder is a very fast-burning powder that will improve bench or range accuracy and will also translate to cleaner kills for hunting. hodgdon h4350 8 Lbs is an excellent choice for WSM loads such as .270, 7mm, 30, and 325. hodgdon h4350 Smokeless Powder also works very well in .243, 6mm Rem, 270 Win, and 338 Win Magnum.




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